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I recently started couponing on January 1, 2011 as a New Year's Resolution. I had never really couponed before because it always seemed time consuming- "how could a 25 cent coupon REALLY save you money?" I thought. Plus, I have never really stuck to a New Year's Resolution. So this year I decided to make a change- I would stick to both! And I have. So far I have cut our weekly grocery budget 70%! We used to spend $150 a week on little things that we could not even make a meal out of AND then we would eat out on top of that! Thousands wasted over a year. Now I spend on average $58 a week on groceries and personal items (toilet paper, body wash) AND I stock up on many of these items so I won't need them again for another 6-12 months! These number keeps going down as we begin to live off our stockpile. If you follow my blog, I will teach you some of the ways this newbie couponer has saved lots of money!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kroger Meat Deal! Huge savings!

I just got back from Kroger and WOW! are they having an awesome meat deal! I am not sure if Saturday is their "discount meat down day" (stores have a set day they put out discounted meats about to go out of their expiration date) or what, but I feel like I just robbed them. That is 6 different meals worth of meat, plus they are large enough quantities to use for lunch the next day or dinner left overs, so at least 12+meals just from the meat!

Here is how I did my deal today:

1. (4) Green Giant Steamers
: Regular Price $2.56, on sale for $1.28. Coupons Used: (2) 50 cents off 2 bags , so $1 off two bags! $3.12 for 4 bags...78 cents a bag that is normally $2.56! Whoop whoop! Saved $7.12!!!
  • TIP: You could have received this coupon in a Sunday Paper circular. I have already used mine up, so I used the Kroger eCoupon and Cellfire coupon. Kroger now has eCoupons. Just log onto their website, pick your coupons, and BAM! they put them to your Kroger card. Swipe it in the store and your savings fly off! It is like magic. Cellfire is another website tool where you can add coupons directly onto a savings card, like your Kroger card. By using both tools, I was able to get 2 coupons by just clicking buttons!
2. (1) FiberOne Granola: Regular price $3.99, on sale for $2.29. Coupons Used: (1) 50 cent off. $1.79 for a box. Saved $2.20!

3. (1) 12 Pack Charmin: Regular price $8.25, on sale for $5.99. Coupons Used: (1) $3 off eCoupon from Kroger website AND 25 cents off in PG coupon book from last week's paper. Paid $2.74, that is 23 cents a roll! Saved $5.51.

  • TIP: Always look to combine coupons. You can't combine manufacturer's coupons with one another, but you can combine store+manufacturer's coupons! Here the cellfire coupon acted like a Kroger eCoupon, so I was able to use the sale+ Kroger coupon+the Charmin coupon from the Sunday paper. This is how to rack up savings!!

4. (2) Beef Stew Angus Steaks:
Regular price $4 and $3.88, respectively. On sale for 99 cents and 96 cents. Saved $5.93. These will make a great beef stew in the slow cooker! I will pair them with my cans of tomatoes and canned/frozen veggis I got on sale a few weeks ago that are sitting in my stockpile. This will feed us dinner and lunch all for less than $2!
  • TIP: Look for on sale, manager's special, etc. meats everytime you go to the store. I was not planning on buying meats when I went in, but these deals were all too good to pass up! Just a quick glance can save you tons of money! Just freeze the meat right away and defrost when you are ready to cook.

5. Purdue Turkey: Regular price $3.49, on sale for $2.49. Saved $1. We use these for taco's.

6. Purdue Chicken Breasts: Regular price $3.27 and $3.98, respectively. Saved $2.71. These are the no hormones, no preservatives, etc. chicken. Healthy and super cheap!

7. Beef Roast: Regular price $20.03!!! Paid $8.06. Saved: $11.97!
  • TIP: This was a manager's special item. So this was already marked down on sale, PLUS manager's special, so two savings. I will freeze this immeaditly, and then pop it in the slow cooker one day while we are at work for a yummy roast.

8. (2) Pillsbury Biscuts: Regular price $3.18, on sale for $1.25. Coupons Used: 30 cents off two eCoupon. Saved $4.16.

Grand total saved: $40.60!
Total spent: $30.34.
Average Cost per item: $2.17

Happy couponing!

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