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I recently started couponing on January 1, 2011 as a New Year's Resolution. I had never really couponed before because it always seemed time consuming- "how could a 25 cent coupon REALLY save you money?" I thought. Plus, I have never really stuck to a New Year's Resolution. So this year I decided to make a change- I would stick to both! And I have. So far I have cut our weekly grocery budget 70%! We used to spend $150 a week on little things that we could not even make a meal out of AND then we would eat out on top of that! Thousands wasted over a year. Now I spend on average $58 a week on groceries and personal items (toilet paper, body wash) AND I stock up on many of these items so I won't need them again for another 6-12 months! These number keeps going down as we begin to live off our stockpile. If you follow my blog, I will teach you some of the ways this newbie couponer has saved lots of money!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yummy & Healthy Pizza for Pennies

Tonight I was able to make a fun meal that was fairly healthy yet cheap.


  1. Pita Bread (Low Carb, Whole Wheat, 130 calories, 9g Fiber)
  2. Homade Marinara (1 canned crushed tomatoes, fresh basil, oregano, stevia, crushed red pepper, dash olive oil, garlic)
  3. Fat Free Mozzarella Cheese

Assemble all the ingredients and grill! Tastes similar to a pizza cooked in a brick oven like in the stores. :)

The neat part of this is how cheap it was to make! The Pita Bread was free (see previous post), the cheese was from my stockpile (50 cents for the bag) and the can of tomatoes was free from a Kroger mega sale. The fresh herbs were out of my garden, and the rest of the marinara ingredients (stevia, olive oil, etc.) were all on sale with coupon purchases. What's fun is that all the ingredients were from my stockpile- all I had to do was get the ingredients out of my pantry and fridge, and I had everything I needed for a homemade, healthy, inexpensive meal.

Bon Appetite!

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